Tuesday, March 30, 2010

You don't say

(it's my turn to talk - but feel free to chime in)

I love getting comments from people on my blogs. It's fun to hear what people think, and to develop new bloggy friendships by commenting back and forth.

I'm having a little trouble relating to a recent commenter on my political blog, however. I'm not sure how to pronounce his or her name, to begin with. I'm a little confused by the comment as well.

Here it is:
念強 said...


My first question, without trying to be totally rude, is - what language is this? I'm thinking Japanese.

My second question is, holy cow, how long does is take Japanese children to learn this alphabet? No wonder they have to go to school 6 days a week. It would take me several days just to copy out this message, which probably translates into "You are full of baloney."

And my third question is, why does it include "85cc" at the beginning and "104" near the end? This is truly mystifying.

Perhaps it translates into "85cc of baloney would make more sense than your blog which I will not read ever again in 104 years."

Or perhaps "85cc of sake still did not prepare me for the 104 brilliant points you made in this blog post."

Or perhaps I should enter this into a Japanese-to-English translation website and see what pops up!

Here we go:

Adult shadow one king on watching father woman love father woman 做 love father woman 做 love sentence 學 one exemption expense line on this electric shadow light adult edition light lust one light ninja a shadow one light ninja color one light ninja 做 love one light ninja shadow one complete works light 漫 畫 light shadow one line of eros electric shadow eros assistant assistant 聊 sun on 85cc eros crimson pop eros mainland beauty eros exemption expense line 國 actress ratio basic nun 圖 one ratio basic nun 奶 ratio basic nun swimming 裝 beauty 圖 one Japan 圖 貼 Japan 寫 on watching Japanese line on true shadow one Japanese shadow one net Japanese shadow one lineNothing on watching Japanese line on 收 watching Japanese line 碼 under 觀 watching small playing 戲 on the Japanese line 載 區 apparent 訊 beauty mansion friend 104 fast distribution net feeling color sentence 學

Alrighty then. That explains it. Any comments?


Sunday, March 28, 2010

A very good day

(dat's julia? she came to see me?)

Mommy and Daddy kept telling me about this Julia person. She was living in mommy's tummy. This meant I was gonna be a big sister. Whatever that is.

We waited for Julia for a long long long time. Whoever she is, she's very slow.

Finally they said she was here! Come on! Let's skip down the hallway! We should yell so she knows we are coming!

Aww, she's pretty cute. Everybody likes her.

She even bought me a present! And mommy's hospital room had this super cool chair for me to play in.

Julia likes to sleep a lot ...

but as soon as everybody turns their backs, I have big plans for her.



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