Saturday, December 12, 2015

Christmas contest

We're having an office decorating contest at work! With prizes! So in my usual quirky way, I'm being as competitive as possible.

Here is my boss's approach - in his words, "Throw money at the problem."

Yes, he has laser lights, an inflatable Snoopy and even a cozy fireplace scene on his 40 inch monitor. Kind of hard to compete with that, unless you start having fun with Keurig cups. After all, who can resist ...

Christmas carolers in front of a cozy house,

Ice skaters out in the cold ... oops, one fell down!

The Pope getting ready for Christmas mass (sorry, a bit irreverent I know). And of course the decorations would not be complete without ...

A lovely manger scene.

Merry Christmas!

Friday, March 16, 2012

What's up?

I know you have all been wondering what the heck I am up to.

First I'm a nostalgic blogger telling charming stories about my New England childhood.

Then I'm a copywriter blogger giving tips on how to make a comfortable living in your pj's.

Then all of a sudden I'm a working woman blogger adjusting to the 9-to-5 routine while dealing with coworkers who I'm sorry I really can't tell you about because they just might stumble upon this blog but trust me I have some totally hilarious stories to tell you at some point. Trust me. You will fall on the floor laughing. I know you will.

In the meantime, here is what I have learned lately:

- Karma is alive and well in the workplace. As soon as I pounce upon a mistake made by a sincere and well-meaning coworker, I am bound to make a much worse mistake myself.

- There is no use trying to cover up my large, horrible, unforgivable mistake, even if it is a very small detail in 8-point font in the last disclosure at the bottom of the back page. The client will find it. They always do.

- An abject apology is a good start, but forgiveness is hard to come by. One mistake can wipe out an entire year of competence.

- Not that I've made any mistakes lately.

- But just theoretically, it could happen to anyone.

- Did somebody mention working in their pj's?

- That sounds awfully nice.


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

There's something wrong with my eyes

When I was 6, my best friend Lisa Donovan wore glasses. They were completely adorable - little pink cat's-eye glasses that made her look intelligent and girly at the same time. I was totally jealous.

Why oh why was I cursed with perfect vision? Lisa's glasses even had a little sparkle to them, which might have distracted from the uncontrollable, unruly mop of hair that was twice the size of my face. They would have transformed me from Little Orphan Annie to Shirley Temple. I was sure of it. I probably would have started tap dancing on the spot.

But no. I never needed glasses ... until now.

I got my first pair of "real" glasses yesterday, after several years of squinting and holding menus at arm's length and buying three pairs of readers for $12.99 at Costco.

My vision is now 20/20. I'm not so sure I like it.

Here's why:

1. My glasses have "progressive" lenses, which means I can only see clearly if I'm looking straight ahead. I'm constantly tipping my head, like those birds that bob back and forth taking a sip of water. Only without the water.

2. If I happen to be looking straight ahead, I see quite clearly. Like this morning, when I put on my glasses and then looked in the mirror. Enough said.

3. On the other hand, my new glasses are pretty snazzy.

4. They're not sparkly, but they are Michael Kors.

5. I can always take them off when I come close to a mirror.

6. If I stand far away and squint really hard, I look almost as cute as Lisa Donovan.

7. I think I should have gotten the pink ones.



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