Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Perils of Blog Hopping

Warning: Reading blogs is highly addictive

Symptoms of Blog Hopping:
  • The patient chooses a blog at random, and reads the first post.
  • She then goes to the Blog Roll and hops to another blog.
  • Read, hop, repeat.
Symptoms persist until something better comes along like a new episode of Deal or no Deal, or an endearing and irresistible question from the patient's husband such as "Why is there water dripping from the kitchen ceiling?"

A Case Study:

Just this morning I received a nice comment from K2Comfort. I hopped to their blog, where I discovered The Retirement Chronicles, which led me to The Joy of Breathing, which is not as risque as it sounds, which led me to Slippery When Wet only because I thought it might help with our kitchen problem, which led me to Why I Oughta, which is an expression I never did understand.

(You'll notice that I didn't hyperlink those last few references. I don't want you spending too much time away from Studebaker. Plus I made them up.)

The Cure for Blog Hopping:

Maybe some day there will be a cure. Unfortunately, the one and only researcher is extremely busy right now reading The Secret Life of Cattle. And who knows where that will lead her ... ?

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