Saturday, February 14, 2009

For Sale

Available on craigslist:

(I found this in the "free" section)

bald, female mannequin. only has one arm, and it's not attached. i brought it home bc i thought it was funny but it's really freaking me out PLEASE GET IT OUT OF HERE ASAP!!!


The Retired One said...

That was hilarious! I think it would freak me out too....however, I wonder if she would be a good "LOVE match" for the Fugitive's "one armed man"???
I mean it IS Valentine's Day, for heaven's sake!

Fran Hill said...

Sent your link to my daughter, who has always had an irrational fear of mannequins, and accused her of placing the ad. She denies it all, but we haven't spent years dragging her past shop windows and telling her to look straight ahead for nothing ....

kanoe77 said...

lol.. how funny was that.. gotta love craigslist.. enjoyed that one for valentine's day

Lesley said...

It's amazing what you can find on craigslist. Especially in the "free" section. I may never pay money for furniture again. Or mannequins.


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