Friday, March 13, 2009

Baby Einstein

My 22-month-old grandbaby is a little genius. Now, I know every Grandma says that. But it's true! How else would you explain the following:

1. She knows that she should say "MY purse" at the mall as she yanks her purse out of her stroller which cost as much as my first car but which she steadfastly refuses to sit in. I mean, think about it - we ask her, "Do you want your purse?" So why doesn't she call it "your purse"? Plus, she always heads straight for Dillards, my favorite store. How does she know?

2. She insists on eating nothing but macaroni and cheese. My daughter worries that she isn't getting any nutrition whatsoever, but I hear this is the latest diet craze among babies. She's leading the way.

3. She is always on the lookout for new discoveries. Like, did you know that there are little tiny flowers in the grass, if you look hard enough? And there are acorns and little sticks on the sidewalk that must be moved onto the lawn, one at a time. And some houses have ceramic ducks by their front doors!!! Ducks!!! It's no wonder it takes us an hour to walk four blocks to the park.

4. She is a brilliant problem solver. She knows that there is one word that can solve every problem, fulfill every need, and trump the wishes of her parents. Can you guess what that word might be?


The Retired One said...

Grandma,of course!!!!!!
I love that we can fall in love all over again with each new grandchild and rediscover everything all over again thru their eyes.

Fran Hill said...

I see that Baby Einstein is following fashion very much in wearing a bag that is approximately half the size of her own body.


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