Thursday, April 16, 2009

I'm a Texan - but only because I live here

(I'm hoping those aren't the only choices.)

I moved to Texas a couple of years ago. It really wasn't my idea. My grandbaby was born here, and I had lost all feeling in my feet from the sub-arctic temperatures in Michigan. So here I am.

Unfortunately, I may not be a Texas resident much longer. Why? Because Texas may not be a state much longer! We are on the verge of becoming our very own country. Imagine that!

In case you haven't heard, Governor Perry has indicated recently that he thinks maybe Texas should secede from the Union. The federal government, according to Perry, "has become oppressive in its size and its interference with the states."

So there ya have it. We're outta here.

I wonder what kind of country Texas will be? ... Let's see ... We currently have:
  • The highest utility rates in the country (thanks to deregulation in 2002)
  • The highest percentage of people with no health insurance
  • The most uninsured drivers
  • The highest rate of teen pregnancy
  • The highest obesity rate in kids
I could go on and on. Clearly Texas has many top rankings. Governor Perry should be proud. I hope that, as President of Texas, he continues the fine work. No oppressive government here. No socialism. No awkward moments like when you rail against "unnecessary spending" and then have to explain the tent city that just cropped up in your state capital. Also no health insurance. But plenty of burritos with extra cheese!

Texas: Too small for a country, too big for an insane asylum.


Fran Hill said...

Sounds just like England. You wonder whether Those In Charge really know What the Hell They're Talking About.

TC said...

I used to live in TX, thought I didn't like the south and then I spent two years in MS, I'd be there now if my kids were.
TX where everything is bigger including the headaches.

Lesley said...

Fran: Yes, exactly! And who put them in charge when I wasn't looking?

TC: Texas is unique, isn't it? I really don't belong here, but I love being close to the grandbaby.

A said...

That's a tough one. My Mom lives in Connecticut and is dying to move here to San Francisco to be with her grandkids. She would fit right in though, she's a bit of a nut.

Texas sound like a real challenge. Good luck!

Lesley said...

A: I know it doesn't sound this way, but I actually love Texas. The politicians are a little strange, but everybody else is wonderful. Especially the grandbaby!! Tell your mom I highly recommend making the move!

The Retired One said...

Hey, if you lived in Michigan, you probably heard of the idea that the U.P. wanted to be a separate state, too.

The Retirement Chronicles

Lesley said...

Retired One: I hadn't heard that, but it doesn't surprise me! You UP-ers are pretty feisty and independent.


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