Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Piano lessons, life lessons - Part 2

(me and karen with our recital dresses and snazzy red fingernails)

Dear Parents,

You are cordially invited to our annual piano recital!

Saturday, June 10, 1964
11:00 a.m.
Holmes Hall

The performance order is listed below, with the truly gifted students at the end of the program, the cute little beginners at the beginning, and the children who really should choose another profession in the middle.

Please remind your child that all music must be memorized. This is for the children's own good. They might as well learn at an early age that we have certain expectations. If they make a mistake, they will be allowed to stop, turn beet red, sweat profusely, look frantically to the audience for help, and then make one more attempt to play the song. In the event of a second mistake, they have been instructed to freeze in place and then discreetly slink off stage. Please do not applaud.

We will serve cookies and punch at the conclusion of the recital. Kindly do not feed your children ahead of time. The carpet stains from last year are still quite evident. Besides, low blood sugar tends to speed up the tempos, which in the end is good for everyone.

Thank you for another wonderful year! If I get the ok from my physician, we will resume lessons in September. The nervous twitch has nearly subsided, so I am quite optimistic.


Mrs. Greenaway


MzzLily said...

Oh, my poor piano teacher!

The Retired One said...

That was hilarious!
Sweat profusely..hahahaaaaaaaaaa
I have no musical talent, so never had to worry about a performance such as you had to, but I was picked a lot to be a narrator for a play. I had to remember not to clear my throat, hiccup, etc. between scenes of a play or else all the world would hear.
The stress of childhood!


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