Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Rules

The Rules of Clothing, according to my favorite 2-year-old:

1. If your pj pants are warm and comfy, why change into something else?

2. Run away screaming when they approach you with a comb. Eventually they will give up.

3. Dress for the season. Spring is lots of fun.

4. Before leaving the house, be sure to check your shoes.


MzzLily said...

Darling photos! I'm sitting here comfy in my jammy pants.

The Retired One said...

I can see the devil in her sweet blue are in for biggggg trouble!

Rae said...

Such a precious little girl but dynamite comes in small packages.
I am sure you are very proud. It's a wonderful thing being a grandma.

A said...

Very cute!! That's usually the way I exit the house. Pajamas,uncombed hair, shoes on the wrong feet.

Maybe I need to hire a stylist.


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