Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I'm not in Kansas any more

(hang on toto, here we go!)

I lived in Michigan for a long, long time and actually loved it most of the time. I often complain about how cold it was, but that's only because complaining comes so naturally to me. Plus it gives me something to blog about.

But really, Michigan is a beautiful state with friendly, hard-working people. When I moved to Texas, I had to adjust. I have never been to Kansas, but it quickly became clear that I am not there any more, as Dorothy would say.

We live in a little town that has a reputation for being a bit snooty. It was just a farming town in the middle of nowhere up until about 10 years ago. In the past 5 years, it has grown tremendously. So everything is shiny and new.

Here in my town:

Most people drive expensive foreign cars. In fact, hubby and I often snap our heads around while driving and go, "What was THAT?" If we can catch up to it, we discover that it is a Maserati or Ferrari or sometimes a Bentley.

(here is a picture of a bentley that i took the other day. my hubby was mortified but i knew you would want to see it)

People have very big houses. There are no basements, and often no usable attic space, so it is not unusual for houses to be 4,000 square feet or more. Seriously. Plus, if your house was built before 1998 it is considered "old."

(a typical texas house. not really. but close)

People water their plants with bottled water! Well, ok, that's only me. And it's really tap water but I pour it into my Kroger water bottles because I'm kind of short and my watering can is kind of heavy so that is the only way I can water the ferns hanging on my front porch.

But please, don't tell anyone. I'm trying hard to fit in.

~~~(aren't my ferns pretty? i love my front porch)



Rae said...

I love your front porch and your ferns too. Wow those are some really big houses - and for how many people-two?

I think I would like Michigan better. Texas is just too dry, too brown, and too hot. And my Honda would feel out of place in your town.

chicamom85 said...

I do love your front porch. I love Michigan but I want very much to visit Texas some day.


MzzLily said...

I don't think I could go from Michigan to Texas. I like Ohio weather. If I ever move to another state, it will be one that doesn't get as hot!

Lauren said...
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Lauren said...

Hey those aren't rocking chairs! But they're very cute chairs. I happen to LOVE Texas...and happen to be very grateful you made the transition from Michigan to Texas.

Lesley said...

Rae: Yes, the houses are so big for just two people! (or three or four, for that matter)

Anne: Come down some time!! There are lots of interesting spots to visit. I want to see San Antonio and Austin before too much longer.

Lily: I do miss the cool nights. You have to love the heat to survive a summer down here!

Lauren: My front porch is ready for company!! Can't wait to see you all!

Fran Hill said...

Your front porch looks like the place to be. I have some school holidays coming up soon. Can I fly over with my suitcase of books and move in?

The Retired One said...

I live in the U.P. (upper peninsula) of Michigan...I love the nature here and beautiful, beautiful lakes, and green and autumn colors..I could never live in Texas.
And yes, we have such COLD winter weather....!

Lesley said...

Fran: Yes, of course!! Come on over. Remember, it's 105 degrees by 4:00. So around 2:00, we'll head inside for margaritas and a nap. You'll love it here.

Amanda said...

Wow. 4,000 square feet? That sounds nice but not sure what I would do with all that space.

A room for my stuffed monkey collection?
A room for my paper clips?
A room for my hair extensions?

Your front porch looks lovely, hope you use it!

Lesley said...

Retired One: You know, in all the years I lived in Michigan I never did make it to the U.P. ... I can tell from your blog that it is absolutely beautiful.

Amanda: Yes, the houses have room for just about anything. Some have a room called the "wrapping room." It is for wrapping presents. I kid you not.

Lesley said...

I forgot to mention, you can buy a 4,000 square foot house down here for about $375,000. Which explains why we can afford to water our plants with bottled water.


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