Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Easy Halloween costumes

A while back, I posted about Seriously Terrible Halloween Costumes. Of course, no parent really wants to torment their child by dressing him or her up as a UPS Man or a two-headed monkey. Or even a two-headed UPS Man, which would be a step in the right direction.

It's hard to come up with easy, unique ideas, right?

Well lucky you! I put my creative little brain to work, and came up with these Quick, Easy, And Not Totally Lame Halloween Costumes Which You Can Make At Home.

Idea # 1: A Black-Eyed Pea
Cut out the letter "P" from black construction paper. Stick it on your child's sweatshirt. Use eye liner to blacken one eye. Voila! A black-eyed "P."

Idea # 2: The Bottom Of Your Child's Desk
Have the whole family save their used chewing gum for a week. Dress your child in gray, and stick the gum all over them. For more authenticity, you might want to add a report card or two, a love note from Susie Schmidlap, or last month's homework.

Idea # 3: A Blogger
Send your child out trick-or-treating in their pajamas, with a cup of coffee in their hand. Shoes are optional.

Idea # 4: A Recent College Graduate
Pack a suitcase and instruct your child to move in with the first family that opens the door. If the homeowner starts asking questions, tell your kid to lock him- or her-self in the bedroom and yell, "Back off! I'm working on my resume!"



Rae said...

I have been wearing that blogger costume everyday for several months. I should consider a switch. I like the P. Maybe I will try that one as I sit in front of my computer.

Susan R. Mills said...

Those are some great ideas! Thanks for sharing.

~Ellie Kings~ said...

You gave some good visuals Leslie. Too funny!

The Retired One said...

Can you adopt me?
Because you make one HELL of a mama!!
One thing is for sure, you'd make me laugh all the way through childhood!


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