Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What's for dinner?

(nothing for me, thanks)

Have you heard about Filippa Hamilton, the model who was fired by Ralph Lauren for being too fat? Here is her picture. Beware, she truly is disturbingly overweight. Make your children leave the room before you scroll down.

You see what I mean? Hideous. Shame on her. She really let herself go. Fortunately, through the magic of Photoshop, Ralph was able to make her look like this:

SOOOO much better! We all want to look like this, right ladies? I mean, I've always wanted my bracelets to fit around my waist. And it just looks SO good when the widest part of your entire body is your HEAD. Right?

Now, I'm not a big person myself. Never have been. In fact, I've always been a little weird about food.

When I was 4 or 5, I used to drop my dinner behind the radiator, a piece at a time. That worked fine until one day when Dad turned the heat on. Pee-uu.

In my teen years, I was encouraged in my anti-food-ness by Twiggy, the first skinny supermodel who is downright chubby by today's standards. She even had cheeks. On her face, that is.

I used to blame people like Ralph Lauren for at least part of my food weirdness. But then, today, I found the real cause.

My mother's recipes.

I came across a little green metal tin while I was cleaning out a closet. It is stuffed with index cards containing recipes in my mother's handwriting.

Now, my mom used to throw fabulous dinner parties for sophisticated faculty members and assorted friends. They would all dress up and clink glasses and laugh merrily. I loved the clinking and the laughing and even the smell of the cigarettes.

But really. How appetizing do these yummy dinner recipes sound?

~ Fish Sticks in Mustard Toast
~ Creamy Grits Souffle
~ Vegetable Aspic
~ Seafood Curry Shortcake

There is one recipe that I just might try during the upcoming holiday season. Or later today. Here are the ingredients:

Egg Nog
12 eggs
1 pound confectioner's sugar
4 cups whiskey
2 cups rum
1 1/2 quart milk
1 1/2 quart heavy cream

My mom wrote a note at the bottom:
"Dark rum is good."

I'm thinking this explains a lot.



Anonymous said...

Skinny is ugly!


Rae said...

I saw this on the news. There is quite an uproar over it. What a mixed message we are sending to kids. Too fat. Too skinny. Nobody is just right. No wonder kids have self image problems.

Dr. T.L. Sanderfer said...

Your story brought back memories of hiding food in my napkin and stashing it in my parent's china cabinet. I believe there was some Vegetable Aspic hidden as well.

Lily Robinson said...

I guess, by his standards, I'm beastly! ....grotesque! Sure, I wish I had my figure back again. But that photograph is sick! I hate that my granddaughters are exposed to this stuff in the media. And they wonder why young girls develop eating disorders...

Fran Hill said...

I'm going to go and try a long white vest on and see if I look as good in it as she does .... Hi, I'm back. Anyone know how to fix a cracked mirror?

nothingprofound said...

Little did I know the stick figures I drew in kindergarten would someday represent the human condition. In spite of my complete lack of talent I should've stuck to my original intention to become an artist.


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