Tuesday, December 15, 2009


(stuff your child's stocking with this book and i guarantee you they will punctuate the holidays with complaints)

Proper punctuation? Is very important. Here are a few examples:

Harold! My brother is on fire.

Harold, my brother, is on fire.

A woman without her man is nothing.

A woman: without her, man is nothing.

Let's eat, Grandpa!

Let's eat Grandpa!

As a general rule I believe that less punctuation is better - unless it causes misunderstandings such as accidentally eating Grandpa.

For a brilliant example of minimal punctuation, you really should read "A Million Little Pieces" by James Frey. His name may be familiar because he was scolded severely by Oprah for making up parts of his book. But really, that was just a spelling error. He thought "fiction" could be spelled "m.e.m.o.i.r." Oops.

Anyway, his book uses virtually no punctuation which sounds bizarre but makes the story flow super fast just like this sentence which you must admit is whizzing along

So there you have it.

Slow, writer at work today.

Slow writer at work today.



Fran Hill said...

They're funny examples. Can I use them in school? The kids would love them. I've seen the 'woman without her man' one before, but not the others.

MsBurb said...

OMG! You're the relative every kid has who tries to continue education, that hopelessly long four+ letter word through the Holidays...!

Yeah, I'll smile, act surprised and give ya a hug and "play" with your gift until the adults go into another room and then it's Barbie-doll time!!!!

(chortle, snort)

~Ellie Kings~ said...

Who would've thought you could make fun of punctuation. The sky's the limit to you, Lesley. Funny as always.

Lesley said...

Fran: Of course, use them freely! I made up the one about Harold. But I stole the others. So feel free to steal them from me.

Lesley said...

Ms Burb: Chortle, chortle! I got more than my share of those educational gifts in my time. Can you tell?

Lesley said...

Ellie: Thanks sweetie! Punctuation can be fun! hahaha

Amanda said...

I wonder how many innocent grandpas have been eaten due to incorrect punctuation?

Ann-Katrin said...

After discussions with an Irish guy, who's messages I have problems understanding, this blogpost is heaven sent. He often writes completely without punctuationand doesn't understand why I have probles understanding him from time to time... Thanks!


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