Friday, December 11, 2009

Step 2: The Compact

(3 weeks till my BNNY year begins)

I'm so ready for this ... a whole year without buying anything new.

Of course, I once thought I was ready for natural childbirth.


Perhaps it will be wise to get some support in this new endeavor. Hence, I have joined The Compact.

No, it's not a secret religious society with robes and candles and spooky meetings. Though that sounds fun, too. The Compact started as a small group of people who pledged to buy nothing new for a year, back in 2006.

Here is a link to their blog, and their yahoo group, if you'd like to learn more.

I'm thinking that my biggest struggle will be with books. I have a long Wish List on Amazon, and I'm all set up for one-click ordering. I typically one-click about once a month.

But this week hubby and I gathered a bunch of books and VHS tapes and headed to Half-Price Books. They gave us 20 bucks, and we bought some gently-used books and DVD's. It was easy! Painless. Whew.

Let the countdown begin!

I'm ready.



~Ellie Kings~ said...

I think buying books is forgivable, especially if they're half priced. Good for you :) Have a great weekend, Lesley!

Lesley said...

Thanks Ellie! I have to find some way to get books on a regular basis. I suppose that's what libraries are for! haha ... you have a great weekend, too.

Lily Robinson said...

With the pension cuts and reduced medical benefits, I've had to cut my book-buying habit. When my internet was down for over a week, I had to get a library card in order to log on to their network. I hadn't had one in years!

I don't know how the system is there, but I love the online library! I log on, find the book I want, and click. No matter what branch the book is at, when available, they send it to my branch, (less than 2 mi) and e-mail me when it's ready to pick up!

I'm glad (being a wanna-be-author) that not everyone uses the library. But when the budget says no, the library says sure!

BTW, natural childbirth was a breeze.


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