Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Hit Parade

(are they adorable or WHAT??)

Back in the days when the cave drawings were just beginning to dry, popular music was going through a revolution.

popular music? like hip hop?

Not exactly. In those days, if you said "hip hop" to a friend, they would say "mother may I?". No, I'm talking about the early, early days of rock and roll.

you mean you were alive back then? how old ARE you, anyway?

Never you mind. But yes, I was there. I remember watching The Beatles on Ed Sullivan. They were so cute, and their music was so unique.

yeah, like elevator music

And their hair was so long! We all thought it was scandalous.

oh my lord. you ARE old. so you rushed to itunes to download their songs?

Well, no. We didn't have iTunes back then.

you rushed to the store to buy their cd's?

Nope. No CDs either.

so how did you listen to their music then?

We bought records. You know, 78's or 45's or 33's.


Round. Black. Hard plastic. Put them on a turntable and lower the needle. But you had to be careful to lower it gently, or the record would scratch and then it would skip in the same spot over and over, like our Amahl And The Night Visitors record that had the three kings singing "We must not lose sight of our, not lose sight of our, not lose sight of our -

right! okay! records. got it. um, i need to go floss my teeth now. but thanks for the music history lesson.

No problem. I think I'll go check the value of my Beatles collection on eBay. Maybe one of these days I'll be able to retire after all.



Fran Hill @ Being Miss said...

That was very funny. I laughed aloud at the teeth flossing bit. I like these posts where you do imaginary conversations.

The Retired One said...

I so remember being smitten with all of the Beatles, Paul being my favorite..I had posters of them in my bedroom and the whole bit. I knew each and every lyric and still do. Nothing was like them.
And yes, I remember them on Ed Sullivan too!
Oh too funny..the word verification for this post is (NO LIE) in us old geezers. hahhahaaaaa

Lesley said...

Fran: Imaginary? My friends are imaginary?

Lesley said...

Retired One: Paul was my favorite too! All my Beatles cards have "Lesley Loves Paul" written on the back. haha

PCDee said...

My Dad had records and I remember listening to his Led Zeppelin vinyl. The cover art always confused me. Then again, I was only all of nine years old too.

Thanks for your post on my blog, too!



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