Thursday, October 21, 2010

Letters from my agent (5)

(it's a good thing i don't discourage easily)

Dear Lesley,

I regret to inform you that Rosetta is no longer employed by Trite & Drivel Publishing Company. She left no forwarding address, she has no cell phone, and her position has not been filled by anyone. In fact, we are no longer accepting submissions of any kind.

Rest assured, we will keep your previous submissions on file. Who knows? Maybe one day there will be a market for a 4-page novel about a scrawny child growing up in Connecticut.

But don't count on it. That was not intended to be encouragement.


Matilda Crumpetbottom


Fran said...

You MUST get that agent. Having one called Crumpetbottom will get you sales, no matter what.

Anonymous said...

I love this site! I'm your newest follower - thank you!

As a fellow Christian, would you please check out my blog - FUNooze? It's CLEAN HUMOR, updated almost daily. Never profane, never risque.

Thank you so much! I'm trying to spread the word and get some followers.

- Wally J

Lesley said...

Fran: I suspect that Ms. Crumpetbottom is actually Ms. Quakenbush in disguise. But maybe that's just my paranoia speaking. Perhaps I should send a few more queries ...

Wally: Welcome! I will pop over to your blog right now.


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