Saturday, February 19, 2011

To Do List

(hurry hurry! but put some clothes on first)

No time to talk! I have a day off today. Lots to do, especially since I was away on vacation all of last week.

To Do Today:
Grocery shopping
Take a walk
Check out estate sale down the street
Drop off dry cleaning
Catch up on blogs and Facebook
Touch up hair color
Realize I bought the wrong color
Return to grocery store, wearing hat to cover the orange halo
Forget what color I bought last time
Buy four different shades of L'Oreal, just in case
Touch up color again
Wonder if anyone will notice the yellow halo
Play with grandbabies, who don't care what color my hair is as long as I have gummies in my purse

Cancel summer vacation. It's way too much work.



Fran said...

What you just said there about them not caring what you look like made me ALMOST look forward to having some grandchildren ...

Lesley said...

Oh, you will LOVE having grandchildren! Trust me. They don't care what you look like, how much you weigh, whether you have all your teeth or if your singing voice makes birds fall from the sky. Just be sure you always have gummies in your purse.


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