Sunday, December 28, 2008



Mom and Dad did a concert tour in Europe. They said they had a great time, though it is hard to tell from their faces. Maybe this was back in the days when you were not allowed to smile for pictures.

Our happy little troll family. Notice the stunning wardrobes! A note on the back of the photo says "all are trolls" which, come to think of it, is an accurate statement.

From left to right: Karen, Melissa, me. Judging from the look on my face, we had just finished locking Monica in the closet.

The four of us ... The local paper did a story on our family, though I don't remember why. The poor photographer took picture after picture, with one or another of us closing our eyes, yawning or generally looking goofy. Finally they got smart and said, "Here! The three of you look at this book! Cute one in the middle, look at the camera!"

I have no idea who these boys are, but there is a strong chance that they were scarred for life from this day forward. The prison-like building in the background was our elementary school.

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