Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Road Trip with the Dale Girls! Part Four.

Mom's packing list:
  • The little wool bathing suit. It should fit Melissa this year. Even though we are heading for Miami in July, the water is sure to be a bit chilly.
  • Sandy the Seahorse. Remember not to let the girls see you deflate him. We don't want those nightmares starting up again.
  • Shovels and pails so the girls can play in the sand.
  • Cream cheese and olive sandwiches to snack on. Maybe some ginger ale in case of car sickness.
Our packing list:
  • Crayons. Store in the back window of the car during the day.
  • Plastic tubes with little plastic balls that travel down a maze and make a teeth-rattling racket. Loads of fun. One for each of us.
  • Shovels and pails so we can dig booby traps in the sand. If we're lucky maybe we will catch a kitten. Use Melissa as bait.
  • Popsicles to snack on. Hide in glove compartment.

1 comment:

Silver said...

Oh yes, i remember our own road trips when the boys were little.. can be so much fun!


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