Tuesday, January 27, 2009

4 Rules for writing an irresistible blog post

There are lots of blogs out there. If I was a little more detail-oriented, I would do some research and come up with an exact number for you. But I am too busy writing irresistible blog posts! And today is your lucky day. I'm going to share some of my bloggy secrets.

Blog Rule # 1: Don't be boring.
Choose topics that you are passionate about - and let your passion show. If you are not a passionate person, then tell stories about me! You will have at least one devoted reader.

Blog Rule # 2: Keep your paragraphs short.
A typical person has an attention span of 5 sentences, max. Even if you're blogging about the most fascinating topic in the world, they will tune out by sentence # 6. Start a new paragraph, dude.

Blog Rule # 3: Switch it up.
Let's say your blog is about "Granny's Secret Artery-Clogging Recipes." You don't have to make every post the same. Post some pictures. Tell some stories about Granny. Give a few CPR tips. A little variety helps keep your blog irresistible.

Blog Rule # 4: Learn from your elders.
Ok, so I don't have hundreds of followers. I don't have any viral posts. (though I do have a little sinus congestion at the moment) I don't even know what keywords are. But I'm a great role model for sincere, hopeful, technically-challenged bloggers who have an enduring fascination with their own childhood memories.

Take my writing tips seriously.
Take everything else with a grain of salt.
Take your own passions, your own stories, and your own unique viewpoints - and blog for your own enjoyment. Keywords, shmewords.


gaf85 said...
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gaf85 said...

Lesley, first of all that was my previous "oops",sorry about that.
You offer valuable advice. I also think it is important to stay true to your self and don't try to be something you're not. Being original,sincere and genuine also appear to be qualities other bloggers seem to respond to.

Valash said...

Hello Lesley, great tips, especially about the 5 sentence rule.

Thanks for commenting on my blog I hope you will visit again.


Lesley said...

Gaf, you make a good point. And Ashley, you are a wonderful example of a caring, sincere and genuinely helpful blogger. My blog is mostly silliness, but yours has a real message - and an important one at that.

Anonymous said...

this is soo true.. the rules do apply so everyone follow it lol
i enjoy reading ur blog of wisdom *smiles.
check out my blog
follow if you like!!! and i will do the same =)


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