Wednesday, January 28, 2009

There is something wrong with my face

I got a terrible fright this morning. I was putting on some moisturizer, and when I stroked under my eye, the skin moved to the side - and stayed there. Then I looked at my cheek and saw little red bumps that I swear were not there yesterday.

I looked closer. There is definitely something wrong.

My nose has three new age spots.
My lips are dry and cracked.
My crow's feet look like tributaries from the Colorado River.

Suddenly, I was terrified that my entire body would crackle and collapse into a puff of dust like the pirates in that pirate movie. Or maybe it was the mummy in that mummy movie. I forget. Anyway, not a moment too soon, I ripped off my glasses and threw away my magnifying mirror.

I look much better now.


Fran Hill said...

Great idea, Lesley. Other tips include: do your make-up in the dark; never dust the mirror; wear your first pair of glasses when examining your crow's feet; paste a picture of a supermodel on the mirror; put the mirror on a shelf you can't get to so you have to stand well back; only do make-up for 10 seconds at a time to avoid build-up of depression ... Do I sound like the voice of experience, or what?

Lesley said...

Fran, you are such a hoot! Thanks for the helpful suggestions! Running a steamy shower for a while is a big help as well.


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