Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Love Ya To Death

I read a funny story in the Dallas Morning News today. Well, funny to me - not to Kenneth Hughes. Here is the story:


Kenneth Hughes was at work Monday when detectives asked him to come to Dallas police headquarters and answer some questions: Did he and his wife and daughter have trouble getting along? Were there problems within his family?

Hughes, 57, told them no. Afterward he learned what the questions were about. Officers were arresting his wife of 33 years and their daughter, who they said had tried to hire someone to kill him.

"It just floored me," Hughes said. "I couldn't believe it."

Hughes' wife gave a gun to a hit man as a down payment. Luckily for Ken, the hit man went to the police instead. Hughes continues to insist that he gets along well with his wife, saying "I just don't understand."


Now, what is the moral of this little story? Well, obviously some men need to be just a tad more in tune with what is happening in their marriage. I'd be willing to bet there were some warning signs that Kenneth overlooked.

Men, be extra careful if your wife:
  1. Asks for a gun for Christmas.
  2. Sprinkles something 'extra' in your dinner.
  3. Gets mysterious phone calls from someone named Bubba, Spike or Luigi.
  4. Knows your insurance agent's number by heart.
  5. Watches the following movies over and over: A Perfect Murder, Unfaithful, and Sleeping With The Enemy.
Have I missed anything? Let me know. You may help save a life. Meanwhile, I'll be upstairs watching one of my favorite movies ...


MilesPerHour said...

If my GF STOPS telling me she's gonna cut me, then I am in trouble.

The 1.000.000 Project said...

Poor Kenneth Hughes!

Blake said...

Hey, if you like getting comments you should visit www.thesitsgirls.com -it's a group of bloggers who all love leaving and receiving comments...

Anyway, poor Kenneth!!! That's horrible, can you imagine finding that out? Keep us posted on his story, if anything should come out as to WHY they wanted to kill him...I'm intrigued. Makes me wonder if he was some horrible drunken father/husband or if the wife and daughter were just psycho!


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