Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Please pass the Ritalin

Kids are hyper these days. Scientists are baffled. Doctors are prescribing Ritalin left and right. But I know what the problem is.

They all have COMPUTERS!

I used to sit for hours at a time, reading a book. Now I can only read three words of an article on Today's Trillion Dollar Bailout before clicking on a link to Governors Tell Unemployed 'Tough Luck' where I find a comment on Why We Are All Doomed To Poverty And Despair, which I didn't finish because my email box popped up with a message from a Facebook friend saying Hey checkk out htis hot video which in spite of the spelling errors I thought might be a nice distraction but at that very minute somebody sent me the following urgent copywriting request:

Dear Lesley, the copy you sent looks good but the client wants to change from a spring auto loan postcard to a summer home equity loan insert and they want the main headline to use the word "organic" and could you please talk about the government stimulus but don't mention the words "government" or "stimulus" and they need a coupon at the bottom so we only have room for 50 words.

Forget the Ritalin. Please pass the Merlot.


The Smelker Seven said...

Yeah - I'm with you! I have an iPhone and it is my constant companion as I check my facebook, the news, play wordwarp and so on.

But I am reading a cool book called The English Assassin. It's about...hang on, someone just emailed me!

AlpHa Buttonpusher said...

So true :)

Fran Hill said...

Whaddya mean? I would never interrupt myself writing one message just because I received a ... bye!

Blake said...

The worst part is that a lot of these kids are mis-diagnosed with ADD or ADHD and by the time they really start using their medicine it's like they HAVE ADD and can't live without the meds. Those meds are expensive too!!!


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