Friday, February 6, 2009

On a lighter note ...

No politics today. My blood pressure can't take it. No more pondering why elected officials whose policies have led us to this mess would dig in their heels and throw temper tantrums and compare themselves proudly to the Taliban.

Nope. Today I will play with Riley, and ponder more important things.

Like, why did my new jar of honey have a seal on top, with no pull-tab? How was I supposed to get that off? I jabbed it with a knife, knowing full well that anything I do with a knife at 6 am is a bad idea. Then I tore it off in little sticky sections, leaving smears of honey all over my fingers, glops of honey on the counter and a little honey trail leading to the trash can.

I think I'll leave it.

While I'm off at the park with Ry-Ry, maybe some little ants will come along. Maybe they will happily follow my trail. They won't bicker about who is in charge. They won't complain that there is too much honey being wasted. And even though they will encounter some trash along the way, they will end up in a huge smelly landfill where they can make a better world for themselves.

Or maybe I will squash them all with my shoe.


MilesPerHour said...

Some days it's best to leave the news off and the daily paper alone. I can walk my dog and ponder the important things in my personal life - things that I can control and make better.

Lesley said...

You are so right! I find myself mesmerized by all the bad news. I need to just turn it off.


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