Monday, April 6, 2009

Terms of endearment

We got back from our vacation on Saturday, rested and yet exhausted at the same time. What IS it about vacations that makes me so tired?? My biggest exertion was sitting upright in my lounge chair so I could sign the slip for my pina colada. I suppose if I did that enough times I would have rock-solid abs. Well, except for the 895 calories in each pina colada.

Anyway - Just before we left, my husband got a phone call from his step-mom, saying his dad was in the hospital with a bad case of bronchitis. When we returned, one of the first things Hubby did was to give his dad a call. Hubby is very sweet. He is also a guy.

If it was me, the phone call would have been a typical girly conversation, starting with - "Hi, how are you feeling?" or "What are the doctors telling you?"

But being a guy, Hubby took a whole different approach. Here is his conversation, with girly translations along the way.

Hubby: Hey dad! I hear Garcia just signed with the Raiders.
(Hey dad! How are you?)

Dad: Yeah, that son of a gun has no right to that kind of salary. What are they thinking?
(I'm fine. Thanks for asking.)

Hubby: Well, he was the number one quarterback in the league last year.
(That's good. I'm really relieved.)

Dad: He only threw one touchdown pass! What are you talking about??
(See? I'm ornery. Stop worrying.)

Hubby: He's got great potential.
(Hey, you're my dad. I just want to be sure you're ok.)

Dad: That #@#%% idiot couldn't throw his $#@** way out of a paper bag.
(Thanks, son. I love you.)

Hubby: Whatever. Must be nice to know everything. Talk to you later.
(I love you too, dad. Bye.)


The Retired One said...

You have got that pegged exactly right!!
Too funny!
Glad he is okay and glad you loved your vacation. We went to Punta Cana this year and the beach there was glorious. (so were the drinks, so I understand your descriptions!)
Welcome home. Now get blogging again, will ya? :-D
The Retirement Chronicles

Lesley said...

Retired One, I am just now getting my land legs back! Not that I'm complaining. Mexico was beautiful, even more than I expected. And those pina coladas were really something. Come to think of it, maybe that's why Mexico was so beautiful.

Fran Hill said...

Missed you! Love the male convo post. I think 'how are you feeling' is an alien a phrase to a male as 'could you tell me the way to ...'


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