Thursday, April 9, 2009

True friends

I spent the last 5 minutes sitting on the couch, with my laptop on my lap, staring into space. Usually I call this "working." But today I was trying to think of a blog topic. Hubby suggested "Old friends." Being the rebel that I am, I decided to go with "True Friends" instead.

It's not all that hard to find casual friends. But finding a True Friend - now that's another story.

A True Friend:

1. Sounds genuinely happy when they realize it's me on the phone ("oh hi! how ARE you?")

2. Pretends to be happy when I invite them over for dinner ("of course, I'd be delighted to come eat your spaghetti for the fifteenth time! will you be making your flaming garlic bread again, as well?")

3. Takes my side even when my anti-paranoia meds wear off ("yes dear, you do work with truly difficult people, even though you are a solitary, self-employed, one-person office and your most stressful decision for the day is what flavor of coffeemate to use. I don't know HOW you do it.")

4. Appreciates my quirks, asks questions about my life - and of course, faithfully reads my blog ("oh goody, another post about politics ... perhaps it's time for a refill on those meds...?")


The Retired One said...

I loved the picture of the two cats and the saying underneath it.
Yep, those friends that understand you by just a glance back and forth, and those that see you at your worst and still love you are like gold. I have a reunion every year with 8 of my girlfriends from my childhood. We hug, we giggle and we wait for it every year. We started it 5 years ago and have it on the same weekend every year...we vowed we would do this as long as we are able, and the last one living will toast those that passed before them!
The Retirement Chronicles

Fran Hill said...

A true friend is one who, when you say for the fifteenth time, 'Did I tell you I won a prize in a poetry competition?' or 'Did I tell you that I lost a pound this week?' doesn't say, 'Yes, you did. Did I tell YOU you are getting BORING?'

Lesley said...

Retired One, I can tell just from your blog that you are a great friend! It's amazing that you still keep in touch with childhood friends. That's really rare these days.

Fran, you're so funny! I was thinking of doing another blog post on "things that true friends do NOT say." I think I'll start with my husband's favorite saying - "If you complain about your job one more time I'm going to THROW UP!"


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