Sunday, June 28, 2009


One of my followers is having trouble viewing posts and leaving comments. I tinkered with the html the other day to add the "share" link, and I'm worried that maybe I messed something up. I'm so clueless about technology.

Is the blog ok for the rest of you? Could you leave a quick comment to let me know? Or, if it won't let you comment, send a quick email to

Thank you!!!

~ Clueless



Fran Hill said...

Hello. Can you hear me?

Lesley said...

Yes Fran, I hear you! Thank you, I was so afraid I had broken my blog!

chicamom85 said...

I am not having any problems. I have viewers that e-mail me with the same problem with my blog. I think maybe just all these different internet services don't always connect to each other


Rae said...

I think you are working. I have these troubles all the time too. If I use internet explorer 8 it causes much of it. So I use google chrome as a browser and it seems to eliminate it.

Lesley said...

Ok, thanks Anne and Rae! I would hate to have to try to fix it, so I'm glad it seems to be working.

The Retired One said...

I have also had a reader that was having problems...she was using internet explorer...once she changed that, she no longer had the problem.
I hope blogspot knows this???


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