Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sylvia Says ...

("dancing like this brings health and loveliness.")

Good news, guys and gals! You can decide how you want to look. You can squeeze off your body fat! Correct facial and neck contours! Or, if you are thin and nervous, gain fifteen or more pounds in a month!

Sylvia of Hollywood has all the secrets.

First, a disclaimer: I very rarely come up with original ideas. So, whenever possible, I steal them from others. My wonderful sister Monica wrote a book a few years back called Advice From The Attic. It's hysterical! Simply click on this link to see excerpts and order a copy. If you would like more tips from Sylvia and others, please place an order! (It's a great gift idea.)

Monica has a whole collection of old beauty and etiquette books. I only have one: No More Alibis by Sylvia of Hollywood, published in 1935. But this one little book has lots of little pearls of wisdom!

I will present a few at a time, so I can stretch this topic out and avoid having to come up with other ideas to steal for as long as possible.

Today's topic: Decide How You Want to Look

Sylvia says ...

"Your tape measure tells you much more than your scales. But you should have scales in your bathroom just to put the fear of God in you."

"But even more important than your tape measure or your scales is your head. Yes, I mean that. Use the brains God gave you. Use your common sense. Look at yourself in the mirror!"

"A word of warning! Don't rely on your friends to tell you how you should look. In the first place, only one out of a thousand will tell you what she frankly thinks. She will tell you to reduce or build up, then hate you for doing so."

"Now I'm going to give you a chart ... It will help serve as your first guide only, and will give you some fun with your tape measure ... As you start reducing or building up, you may decide that your bone structure demands that you be thinner or rounder than the chart shows. Here's where you must use your brains again."

(toodle-oo! go have some fun with your tape measure!)


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Amanda said...

My husband and I will be breaking out the tape measure tonight...

I love the quote "Use some common sense. Look at yourself in the mirror"

So true!


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