Tuesday, June 23, 2009

How To Write Greeting Cards

(hmm ... what kind of image should we use for this get-well card?
i know! children in a space ship!)

As I mentioned a few days ago, I have been trying to branch out a bit with my writing. I thought that the greeting card niche might be a good fit, since I have a knack for little catchy phrases and heartwarming sentiments.

Even more importantly, many of the greeting card companies accept unsolicited ideas. And if there's one thing I have a lot of, it's unsolicited ideas.

So - off I went to try to break into the greeting card market.

The process is really quite simple:

Step # 1: Google "greeting card submissions."

Step # 2: Make a list of the companies that accept ideas.

Step # 3: Come up with some ideas.

Step # 4: Send em off!

Obviously, Step # 3 is the hardest part. I worked for several days, and came up with three serious ideas for one company and 25 funny ideas for another. I thought the serious ideas were probably hopeless, but I always crack myself up so I had high hopes for the funny ones.

Lo and behold, two of the serious ones are now under consideration! The funny ones have been politely rejected.

Perhaps I should take a more serious tone from here on out. Perhaps I am not truly funny. My next post will be some somber reflections on life, guaranteed to make you shed a little tear. In fact, from now on I will be so serious people will mistake me for an accountant.

Or perhaps I will sit down and write 25 more funny ideas. That would be more fun! I would make a terrible accountant. My checkbook is a mess.



Bruce Coltin said...

Lesley, you are one of the funniest writers I know. There's a very successful blogger that I follow, who thinks she's very funny, and she is not even in your league. Forget the greeting cards. Write a book.

Bruce Coltin said...

And I forgot to say that you're not just funny, but intelligently funny. And with that, I'm done throwing flowers. I'm out of here.

Lesley said...

Bruce, feel free to throw as many flowers as you like! You are my new favorite person. No, seriously - thank you for the encouragement! You made my day.

Bruce Coltin said...

Please don't publish:

Sorry, it appears that I've scared off your commenters.

Lesley said...

No, that's ok! They're probably just busy. If they don't come back, I'll blame you then. lol

MzzLily said...

Hehe... it works! I just have to take a detour...

Kate Harper said...

Ran across your site by accident and wanted to let you know I have a bunch of free resources on my blog for writing for card companies. I've been doing it for years.


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