Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Survey Says ...

(don't worry. there are no right or wrong answers. though a few are righter than others.)

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I am often unsure about proper blog etiquette. So I thought it might be fun to post a few simple polls to get some input on what I should or should not be doing.

Of course, I am totally technically inept so let's see if these polls even work ...

Oops - edited to add:
If you would like to explain your votes, please feel free to leave a comment! I'm looking forward to hearing your input.



Lazy Writer said...

That wasn't fair! There was no where to explain your answers, but since I feel the need to be wordy, I'm doing it here.

First off, yes, I follow those who follow me. I think it's rude not to, but that doesn't mean I always read their blogs or comment on them. I only comment on the ones I feel like I have something to say about.

Second question, I also answered yes to. I didn't used to answer every comment, but I read on someone else's blog that it was the proper thing to do. Most times, I want to answer anyway, so it doesn't bother me.

Third question, I answered usually. I do if I think of it or if I have time, but I don't always.

Fourth question, I haven't been following you long enough to know the answer. I look forward to finding out, though, and I'll let you know!

I really liked this post, by the way! :)

Lazy Writer said...

Okay, I know, I'm being really wordy now, but I had to throw something else out there. I like it when my commenters have listed email addresses. I receive comments via email, and if their email is listed, I can just reply to their comment directly.

I promise. I'm done babbling now.

Lesley said...

Oops, sorry Lazy Writer! Of course your comments are welcome. And of course you're wordy - you're a writer! haha ... thanks for the input. I really have been concerned that I might be offending people without meaning to, by not following or not answering comments. It's good to hear how other bloggers do it.

Bruce Coltin said...

Please let me know what my votes mean. I don't want to be a bad blogger. And if I am, I would like to keep it kind of quiet. What the hell are you going to do with this poll anyway?

MzzLily said...

I follow all that follow me, with one exception... I don't follow a particular blog if it is in total contrast to my personal beliefs.

I do not answer every comment. I don't have time. If I can respond through my e-mail, I usually do.

I also don't have time to go back & check if someone responds to my comment. I have on a couple of occasions.

Themes? You got me on that one...

Amanda said...

Ooh a poll....

Oh the followers (thank you for following me by the way) I find that some bloggers only want to follow you so you will follow them. Just to build their numbers. And then they never read your blog again. Lots of my daily readers are not followers...

I will always follow someone and then wait to see if their blog is of any interest to me. If not, I say goodbye. I know, harsh.

I try and answer every comment, but it's hard to do all of the time.

When I post a comment on a blog there is usually a box to check to receive any follow up comments via email, so no need to return back.

You're a great writer so anything you blog about entertains me.

Okay, I'm done now.

Lesley said...

Thanks for your thoughts everybody. We all have our own ways to doing this, don't we? Some of the questions were very evenly split.

Bruce, you sound a little paranoid. But that's understandable. According to Glenn Beck, the government has just taken over your computer. And your blog. Forever.


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