Friday, August 7, 2009

How to achieve SEO while you write greetings cards, debate what not to wear and get cash for clunkers

(the key to blogging success? keywords, of course)

As a blogger, it is important to understand Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This technique can help you show off for your friends by plugging a few words into google and pulling up a list of websites including - voila! - your very own blog!

I recently discovered the secrets of SEO and, being the kindly blogger that I am, I thought I would share them with you.

1. Use keywords, especially in your titles. Keywords are words or phrases that people might be searching for. The headline for this blog post is full of keywords. In fact, these are the top keywords that have been driving people to my blogs, according to StatCounter, a nifty little tool that you might want to try.

2. Use the same keywords in your post while achieving SEO and writing greeting cards. Do not worry about what to wear. Nobody can see you anyway. Cash for clunkers.

3. Mention cash for clunkers at least three times because lots of people are interested in cash for clunkers. But do not let cash for clunkers take over your computer. See this informative post for more information. Meanwhile, write greeting cards.

Ok. You probably get the idea. I have no idea how to use keywords or SEO. But I got you to read this post.

So there ya go.



MzzLily said...

Cash for clunkers? You are too funny! Cash for clunkers! Hmmm... cash for clunkers...

Rae said...

Well you certainly enlighted me. Now I know all about SEO. I think I will go to a search engine and search SEO. I am sure it will bring me right back here.

Charlie said...

I liked the line in your profile about laughter being the best medicine .. especially if you have crappy health insurance.. funny! Good title in this post also.

The Retired One said...

How right you are! Or, mention sex. Any thing about sex, even if you just mean male or female. Because there apparently are a lot of people looking for anything in your blog that mentions sex. ha

Fran Hill said...

The word 'free' gets results, too, I hear.


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