Thursday, August 6, 2009

Twitter was hacked today!

(did you miss my tweets?)

Did you hear? Twitter was hacked today by a "denial of service" attack!

My first thought was: I didn't know Twitter had crappy health insurance like me. I've had my share of "denial of service" and there's usually nothing much you can do about it unless you have hours and hours to spend on the phone with Gloria from Blue Cross, who is very nice but totally unable to do anything about anything unless you would like to spend hours and hours trying to get her supervisor on the phone, who totally by accident cuts you off every time just when you thought you were about to get somewhere.


Turns out, Twitter was flooded with phony communications requests, which caused them to shut down.

I have a feeling nobody missed me. I signed up for Twitter about 6 months ago, just to see what it was all about.

My one and only tweet was: "I don't know what I'm doing."

But I checked back today, and lo and behold, I have ten followers! One follower is a normal person - in fact, a very funny and talented blogger friend. (hi Amanda!)

Who are the other 9 people?? Let's take a look at 3 of them ...

There's Twittabiz from Australia, who tweets exciting updates like "OMG! is offering international currency options now!"

There's erabita from Canada, who tweets exciting updates like "Spotify Jukebox: It's fun and legal."

Then there's yipvwqtgypjb, also known as Your Kitty, who has a very exciting picture but no tweets at all.

Why are these people following me? Are they waiting for me to figure out what I'm doing? Do they think I will eventually order some international currency options? Are they hoping I will post some exciting Kitty-ish pictures of my own, which would be legal but probably not all that much fun?

I have no idea.

But keep following! Eventually I will have something else to say. I always do.



The Retired One said...

I haven't gotten into Twitter at all...don't know how to start even!
So, let us know how it all works for you. ha

Lazy Writer said...

Okay, again, I can relate! I signed up for a Twitter account a couple of months ago, and my one and only post was "Trying to figure out how this whole Twitter thing works." I haven't been back on since. Maybe I should go see what kind of people are following me, if any!

MzzLily said...

I don't get the whole twitter craze... I'm on there, but seldom. Turns out that's where my church posts things that SHOULD be on their website. I've probably posted five or six times. It's mostly for people that have very little to say. Lord knows we don't belong there! LOL

BTW... I haven't been able to comment, but got it fixed. Did you miss me?

MzzLily said...

Oops... Just realized yours is one of the few blogs I could comment on. Never mind...

Amanda said...

Ah ha! You finally noticed I am following you on Twitter.

Oh I have some wonderful followers as well. A one eyed man from Malaysia promised to make me rich in just few simple steps and a nice young girl from Florida offered to send me xxx rated photos of herself.

Ah, Twitter.

Lesley said...

It's no wonder I have no real life, between twitter and facebook and blogging ... if I ever get one of those fancy phones with go-everywhere internet, I'm really doomed.

Hootin' Anni said...

I don't tweet, I leave that to my feathered friends, outdoors. Nor do I go to twitter, but I did read about the hack yesterday on Yah** News. I so oftentimes wonder just what kinda of life these 'hackers' live....don't they have anything better to do with their time?

Happy Friday Lesley.

Rae said...

Well so was blogger- under attack. I have been locked out of my blog for two days. I thought it was my problem. Turns out it is blogger. I received an email from them today that said they were under significant DDOC attack and they shut down some of our blogs to deny access to hackers. Hope it is fixed now.

Anonymous said...

I joined Twitter as a way of getting the news out about my blogs. Two weeks, I have amassed 17 followers, some of whom are only interested in real estate and stuff, but they have a lot of followers, so I don't complain, because when I tweet all those people see it. I tweet when ever I sneeze on one of my blogs. It seems to work.



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