Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Notes to Mom

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Age 5:
Deer Mommy
I luv yu!!! I luv my new pensils for skool. You are the bestest Mommy in the hole wide wurld. Can we go to the park tooday?

Age 8:
Dear Mommy,
Here is my skool supply list. I really really want a pink bakpack like Jenny. Can we go to the store? I wil be up by 6 so we can get ther early. I love you! You are the best Mommy!

Age 13:
Dear Mother,
Got my school supply list today. Need money and a ride to the mall. Do NOT wake me up. I will let you know when I'm ready to go. And do NOT plan on staying at the mall with me. PLEASE. Last time was SO embarrassing. My friends did NOT think it was funny when you took off your shoes and waded into the fountain. And your singing was totally lame. Just being honest. Oh, and could you PLEASE NOT wear that blue sweater this time? Even if you don't get out of the car, people can see you, you know.

Age 18:
Dear Mom,
Well, here I am. Who knew 3 girls could fit in a room this small? I'm all signed up for classes. The supply lists are on the bulletin board in the hallway. So I guess the bookstore is my next stop. Remember when I used to take forever just picking out the perfect pencils? I sure wish you were here. I feel so alone. It feels like the bottom has dropped out.

Can I really do this?

I keep remembering what you told me - "Be true to yourself." So that's my plan. Hey, there's a fountain in the middle of campus. Who knows? I might try your singing routine some day. haha!

My roommates are yelling for me, so I gotta go to lunch. Talk to you soon.

I love you Mommy.



Rae said...

Very cute story and spoken so well. It is amazing how we become more important and smarter as they get older.

Lazy Writer said...

This is so touching, yet so funny at the same time! Nice post!

Fran Hill said...

Dear Lesley - I really like your post today. It was very good. It was also very funny. You are the bestest poster in the whole wide world. Now will you buy me an icecream?

The Retired One said...

You have captured the passage of time for your daughter perfectly. Our girls are in their 30's now.
The next note you get from her will be telling you about her children starting school and asking you if you remember her doing that first week of school.

Rae said...

Thank you for commenting on my blog post - A Hot Button Issue. I appreciate your honesty. I wish we all could have the same opinion but I know that will never happen. Your kind words mean a lot. Thank you.

Amanda said...

I keep my kids in a tiny box so I can be assured they will never leave me.

Is that strange?

Lesley said...

Rae: Isn't that amazing? I remember feeling the same way about my mom. Now I wish I could have her back for just one day.

LW: Thanks! It was fun to write.

Fran: I would love to buy you ice cream. But first you must make your bed.

Retired One: My daughter is actually in her 30's too. I am just pretending to be younger. haha. Our friends just sent their daughter off to college, so that inspired my post.

Rae again: You're welcome, sweetheart. Your post was wonderful.

Amanda: Many parents use the "tiny box" technique. Ship the box to a different state when they turn 18. You will start receiving nice notes shortly thereafter. Trust me.


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