Friday, August 14, 2009

Why Frisco Texas is exactly the same as San Francisco

(see? we get cloudy skies just like you, Amanda)

I was out for a morning walk when I first noticed the similarity. And the more I thought about it, the more I realized - I could very well be LIVING in San Francisco! My town is exactly the same.

Let me explain.

My husband and I visited San Francisco for 3 days last fall. Plus I follow a blog called Brilliant Sulk that is written by a brilliant (though sulky) resident of SF. So I know quite a bit about SF. And as usual, if I'm missing some information I am not at all hesitant about making things up.

So. Here is the first similarity between Frisco and San Francisco: Curvy roads.

(lombard street in sf, sponsored by the makers of dramamine)

(a sidewalk near my house that really has no excuse for being so curvy)

Similarity # 2: Passionate politicians.

(our governor rick perry, who would love to see texas secede from the union)

(sf congresswoman nancy pelosi, who would not be at all sad
to see us go)

Similarity # 3: Diversity.

(chinatown, just one example of the amazing cultural diversity in sf)

(just the other day, i saw a white lexus parked peacefully next to a black maserati at the mall. a blue jaguar pulled in and was welcomed into the neighborhood without hesitation,
and a silver bmw drove by with a friendly honk.
brought a little tear to my eye.)



Lazy Writer said...

I've never been to either place, but they both look beautiful.

Amanda said...

Gee Lesley you sure have opened my eyes about your very fine state. As a tree hugging liberal who has a gay dog I think I would fit in just fine!

Thanks for the mention by the way, you've made my weekend. Speaking of the weekend Mr. Brilliant Sulk and I will be headed to the "Save The Sand Fly" rally.

Do you have those in Frisco?

Lily said...

I love the sidewalk and I love reading your blog!

Hootin' Anni said...

LOL...I love the humor in this whole post. Yep, Frisco and SF have a lot in common.

Gov Perry on the other hand...well, he flubbed [or tried to cover it all up] when he said that in a news interview.

Lesley said...

Amanda: Your whole family would be welcome! We would love your dog, but hate his sin. I don't believe we have any Sand Fly rallies, but if you're into Tea Parties we can keep you plenty busy.


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