Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Say "Cheese"

(just point, click, turn the knob, unload the film,
and take it to the store!
nothing to it)

Today, boys and girls, let's talk about photography in the good old days. Even though cave drawings were still quite popular when I was younger, we had cameras as well.

"oh yeah? digital?"

No. They used film.

"film? like movie film?"

No, camera film. It looked like this:
"what was it for?"

Well, the film recorded the pictures.

"so how did you get the pictures onto your computer?"

We didn't. There were no computers, remember?

"oh ya. i forgot just how old you are."

To get the pictures, you had to take the film to the drug store.

"oh sure. that makes sense."

The drug stores all had photo labs, where they would print out the pictures. It took about a week.

"a WEEK? you are so funny."

You wouldn't really know if your pictures were any good until you got them back.

"you'd wait a WEEK without even previewing your pictures ahead of time?"

Yup. And if you used the cheap paper, they would all fade away after a few years.

"good lord. no wonder nobody ever smiled in those old pictures. hey, i gotta go. send me some pictures from your phone and i'll take em to the drug store! hahahaha"

Sure thing. Catch ya later.


Wendy @ All in a Day's Thought said...

Cracking me up. I resisted getting a digital until a couple years ago. Who knows why...but I smile more now in my pics, that's for sure. :D Noticed you're reading Lamott -- love her books!
~ Wendy

Lazy Writer said...

As usual, so funny! I still have issues with digital pictures. Sometimes I can't get them to download, but I have to admit, it is awful easy to send my pics to Walgreen's and go pick them up an hour later.

Lily said...

I remember when I graduated to my Kodak Instamatic with drop in film cartridges... No feeding that little strip. I thought it was the way of the future!

I bet some of these kids have never seen a double-exposure.

Fran Hill said...

What's with this trying to make us all feel old on a Friday evening? Just what I need for the weekend! And I bet no one ever says 'say cheese' any more. Cheese? Is that the stuff you get in strings from packets that just goes on and on and on and never stops? Oh yeah, that stuff.


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