Saturday, August 22, 2009

Why Frisco Texas is exactly the same as London

(you have penny lane - i have a fabulous collection of beatles cards, all of which say 'lesley loves paul' on the back)

Wait! Stop! Last week I thought my town was exactly the same as San Francisco. But on second thought, as Amanda pointed out, we do not have Tofu Bars or Save The Sand Fly Rallies. So today I have a new theory.

Frisco Texas is EXACTLY the same as London, England. I'm sure Fran, a very funny blogger who spends most of her time riding buses around the British countryside, will back me up.

Here are the similarities I have found so far:

Similarity # 1: People with accents

(yee haw, partner. kiss my big ol' texas tumbleweed or ah'll secede from this here country)

(pip pip, cheerio old chap! kiss my ring and i shall turn into a beautiful young maiden)

Similarity # 2: Plenty of shopping

(harrod's, the famous london department store)

(neiman marcus, the famous dallas department store. one of my favorite pastimes is to walk through the store and try to find the most expensive t-shirt then carry it around for a while pretending i might actually buy it, which would only happen if it was 90% off and i had a coupon for another 10% off.)

Similarity # 3: Gigantic modes of transportation

(a typical texas vehicle. i swear i am the only person in frisco who drives a car. i honk my horn at all times, just to make sure the other drivers see me. or at least hear me.)

(wave to fran everybody! i'm sure she's in there somewhere)



Fran Hill said...

I did as you said and waved to myself on the bus. Then I realised I was waving to a picture of a bus on my computer screen, and suddenly I felt very silly. Not only that, but I knew I couldn't have been on that bus. So why was I doing it? You see how persuasive you are?

Lily said...

Wow, it is just like... I can't wait to see what it's just like next week!

Lesley said...

Fran: This is actually a picture of a Texas bus. Gotcha! (see? our buses are exactly like yours)

Lily: I know, me too! I'm sure I will come up with something. lol

Amanda said...

Not sure which I would like to listen to more...

"Yee haw partner" or "Pip pip, cheerio old chap"

I think they would both get old REAL fast. I'll be in Fiji if you need me.


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