Sunday, September 13, 2009

How to be a cool Granny

(guess who calls the shots - and chooses the channels - around here?)

I love, love, love my grandbaby. But let's face it, gals. Who wants to be known as a "grandmother"?

They say 50 is the new 40. I say Grannies are the new BFF's.

Here are my rules for being a cool Granny:

1. Dye your hair. This is a must. Gray hair only looks good on those models in the J.Jill catalog. And most of their stores are going out of business. So what does that tell you?

2. Get a Facebook page. Post status updates at least once a day, using clever "texting" techniques like this: Off 2 the mall 2 C my peeps! OMG big sale @ Chico's!

3. Program a cool station into your car's radio. If you're not sure which one is cool, look for one with the word "kiss" in its name. Sing along loudly.

4. Train your grandchildren right from the start to call you "mom" any time you are out in public. If you walk fast enough, people just might buy it.

And last but not least, 5. Keep telling your grandchildren over and over how much you love them. Keep the kissing and cheek pinching to a minimum. And keep at least $20 cash on hand at all times. They will think you are the coolest person on earth.



Rae said...

Oh you are so clever and I agree. Life doesn't get better than grandchildren. My granddaughter calls me gram-mommy. She constantly forgets who she is talking to, so her mom and I share the title of gram-mommy. We both answer at the same time.

Lazy Writer said...

Your granddaughter is adorable. I'll keep these tips in mind when I have my own grandchildren. Sounds like you are one super cool granny!

Lily said...

I am not cool... I'm the fun, goofy one! I only use the word peeps when referring to sticky Easter candy. I don't do the mall and my radio plays Christian music. I rarely have $20 in my purse. (plastic for everything!) I cut off all the dyed hair. They call me Nana.

I don't think having a facebook page is gonna help me much ;)

Hootin' Anni said...

I go natural on the hair color...always will. I can't see me...a wrinkly ol' face with red hair...the gray looks better. LOLOLOL

I heartily agree to state all others above, your granddaughter is TOPS!! She's so darned cute!!!


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