Thursday, September 10, 2009

Why I Am Concerned About You, Dear Readers

(i LOVE stat counter!)

I use a neat little service called StatCounter. You should try it!

StatCounter lets me know how many visitors I get each day. For a while there I was very excited to see lots of hits on my blogs! But then I realized it was counting my own visits, which often total 20 or 30 a day because I love to admire my own stellar writing skills. Plus I need to check for spelling mistakes just in case Huffington Post stops by.


StatCounter also lets me check to see which keywords have brought people to my blogs. I am very concerned. These keywords are a little disturbing.

Here are some of the actual search terms. Honest. I am not making this up. My comments, of course, are in red.

"texas where exactly is it?"
Down here! In the middle. See that big state with all the weird politicians? That's us.

"When I squeeze my calf fat comes out."
Well what do you know? Sylvia was right after all.

"I found out all my friends hate me. What to do?"
Gee, I dunno - find some new friends, maybe? If they hate you, they are probably not your friends anyway. Helloooo ....

People might not watch you if you WOULD STOP YELLING AT THEM.

"Somebody is watching me find out who the hell he/she is"
Let me know when you figure it out. I certainly don't want him/her watching me.

"The CIA is watching me right now."
Me too. Gotta go.



Rae said...

Isn't it amazing what draws readers to our blogs. I have had more readers searching for old ladies with tattoos than I can believe. I am thinking of starting a tattoo blog just to get readers:) It should be very interesting.

Oh, by the way, I think the CIA really is reading our blogs. They are going to use it as their next means of torture. They will make all the prisoners read blog posts all day long. I bet that will make them reveal some terrorists plots. lol

Lily said...

I have three on my blogs already! The one map thing lists cities, another tracks countries, and a counter for just numbers.

Do you think Rae is funny too? :)

Fran Hill said...

Did I miss the calf fat post? I could do with it. The elastic in the top of my socks keeps pinging off.

The Retired One said...

I also get stats reports and sometimes they search for something a little X-rated sounding and they get MY blog! Now, normally this would concern me.
But a chance for a new Follower? I'll sacrifice my reputation.
Besides, after they see how non-X-rated it is, they either reform and stay or move on. ha


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