Thursday, October 22, 2009

No offense, but y'all are very strange

(embrace your strange-ness. it's one of the things i like best about you.)

I posted a while ago about the most popular keywords that were drawing people to my little blog. Here is the link, in case you missed it.

At the time, I was a little concerned because the most popular query phrase was "all my friends hate me." Now, it may be true that your friends all hate you. But apparently, that is the least of your problems.

According to my most recent exhaustive research, which involves visiting StatCounter and clicking on "Recent Keyword Activity," readers have searched for the following phrases (my comments are in red):

Terrible Halloween costumes
I can't BELIEVE how many people have searched for this phrase! I even wrote a post about "Easy Halloween Costumes" to see if that phrase would attract some readers. But NO. Apparently you all want terrible costumes for your little kiddies. Especially one reader, who searched for -

Two headed freak costume
How disturbing is that? Never mind that my blog post actually talked about a two-headed costume! That is irrelevant. Why would someone search for that? And why oh why would someone search for this next one? -

Halloween costumes lampshade on night stand
I conducted a Visitor Analysis to try to figure this one out. The inquirer was apparently at the Toronto Public Library. Perhaps they were seeking shelter from the cold and decided to pop into the library and type some random words to see what would pop up. Eh?

Well, that one is nothing compared to what's coming. Fran, hold onto your hat. Someone is searching for you. The exact query was:

First of all, who is Naylor? What is geneologyt? And why did this query lead to my post on The Dale Girls Going To Ocean Beach, which as I recall had nothing to do with Fran?

Life is such a mystery sometimes.



Rae said...

That is so funny. It is a wonder what goes through people's minds. Of course I have done my fair share of weird searching too. Hope none of mine show up on some blog post.

Love your new look. Turned out fantastic.

Amanda said...

That last one was me. Just wanted to screw with you.

~Ellie Kings~ said...

Too funny! Love the clown pic... ok, fess up, which one are you? :)

Lily Robinson said...

Nice redesign! I love it! Good thing you don't know what I google...

Lesley said...

Rae: Thanks for the tips on redesigning my blog! I love my new look, too!

Lesley said...

Amanda: You sneaky little thing. I see that you sent that query from the Philippines. You'll do anything for a laugh, won't you?

Lesley said...

Ellie: I'm the funny looking one, of course!

Lesley said...

Lily: Thanks! It was time for a design update. Fun, fun!

Susan R. Mills said...

I like the new look. And I imagine people would be shocked by my searches. They are a little wacko sometimes, but I assure it's research. :)

Fran Hill said...

It's amazing! I was just wondering how I could come to terms with myself and my oddities, googled 'embrace your strangeness' hoping for some tips, and got to this post.

Lesley said...

Susan: Thanks, I'm excited to have an updated look! Took me long enough, didn't it?

Lesley said...

Fran: What a coincidence! I googled "oddities" and "strangeness" and came up with my own profile.

The Retired One said...

I like your new blog look!
But I have a funny thing to tell you.
I know of a Halloween costume called a "one night stand" which is what the person was probably looking for.
You get a large cardboard box and a lamp shade. You cut a hole in the box and step thru it so you show up from the waist only and wear the lampshade on your head. You are then the lamp on the nightstand. You decorate the box like a table with a drawer and tape condoms and KY jelly, and other naughty things on the top of the nightstand table and in the drawers and call yourself a ONE NIGHT STAND> get it?
I saw someone do that and win first see? THAT is what they were looking for.
Too funny!


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