Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Little Tragic-Homeless-Yet-Adorable Princess

Call me strange (you won't be the first). I can't recall ever wanting to be a princess.

I did watch The Little Princess with Shirley Temple when I was little. But I didn't want to be Princess Shirley who is happily reunited with her amnesiac father at the end of the movie. I identified with the raggedy little orphan Shirley who lived in the dark, cold attic with the Indian servant girl bringing her tea and crumpets to make sure she stays alive.

Poor wretched little thing. I loved her somber black cape and her shiny tap shoes.

Before you get the wrong idea, I was not an orphan. Or poor. Or raggedy. I mean, I grew up in Connecticut for crying out loud. There are no raggedy people in Connecticut.

I guess I just had a dark side, right from the start.

~ I love made-for-TV Lifetime Movies starring Mare Winningham as a homeless abused terminally ill mother of four during the final Christmas season of her poor wretched life.

~ I love The Hours, one of the all-time-most-depressing movies in the world.

~ And my shelves are full of books with jacket descriptions that include the words Tragic, Somber, Heart-Breaking and Bleak.

It's a good thing I'm so funny.

Otherwise I'd be downright depressing.



~Ellie Kings~ said...

I agree Lesley! It's a good thing you are funny! Ohh you brought back memories. I loved this movie when I was a child. And since I have naturally curly hair... Shirley Temple was my nickname growing up. Sad thing is I saw her in an interview not too long ago. She said (paraphrasing) that little girl wasn't her anymore and she didn't want to be reminded of it. She's into politics now. Hmmm... food for thought!

Bruce Coltin said...

Depressing? Yes, but you wear it so well. It makes others want to be depressing too.

Anonymous said...

I don't want to be depressed, people might think I'm normal.... I'm just here for the beer.


Lesley said...

Ellie: I'm glad you agree that I'm funny! Some people just roll their eyes at me. Which, of course, I find hilariously funny.

Lesley said...

Bruce: I'm so glad I can be a role model! hahaha

Lesley said...

Argentum: Sorry. All out of beer. How about a nice glass of Merlot?

Fran Hill said...

You're even funny when you're depressing. That's quite an achievement. Keep taking whatever tablets you're on, and send me some.

Rae said...

I must be strange too. I like the same things.

The Retired One said...

You ARE funny. Thank goodness.
I will keep sending you black movies and sullen books so that you remain so.

Lily Robinson said...

We have that in common. What do you suppose a shrink would say about us? I not only read that stuff, I write it, too!

Medicate me now... Oh wait... can't afford to be medicated. Oh wait again... that's your other blog!


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