Friday, December 4, 2009

Step 1: Unsubscribe

(4 weeks until my buy-nothing-new-year begins)

I have to confess, I've done a little advance shopping. Hubby and I bought a Blu-Ray player (on Black Friday, no less!) and a new TV for the bedroom. A year from now that might seem like a huge, unnecessary splurge. Or I might be at the mall, drooling and twitching and quivering as I wait for Macy's to open on January 1st.

We'll see.

In preparation for BNNY (which I could really use a catchy name for, if anybody has any ideas!) I decided to unsubscribe from all of the automatic emails I receive from retailers. I was amazed! Without even realizing it, I was receiving emails on a regular basis from:

JC Penney
800 Flowers
Victoria's Secret
Dell Computers
Crate & Barrel
West Elm
The DMA Bookstore
Bath & Body Works
Pottery Barn
American Blinds & Wallpaper

Not any more. Y'all are history. Now I won't even know that Costco has a new shipment of Motorola 3G Android Devices. That sounds pretty creepy anyway. Do I really want an Android Device in my pocket? I don't think so.

I also won't be reminded on a daily basis that JC Penney is having THE BIGGEST SALE OF THE YEAR!! on 30,000 items.

I won't know that the Dell computer I bought for $1,000 a year ago is NOW ON SALE FOR ONLY $299!! complete with Windows 7, which ACTUALLY WORKS!! unlike the crappy Vista I have.


Oh dear.

I'll definitely need a new hobby.

I can feel my hands twitching already.



Innocent Owner Of Mad Cats said...

The hardest part will be the withdrawls in January. :)

Lesley said...

Hoo boy, that's for sure. I go to the mall for recreation. What am I going to do with myself?

Rae said...

I have done it. It is hard but can be accomplished. I did it out of necessity when I couldn't work any longer. I am surprised at how much stuff I bought before and didn't really need. It will be nice when you are able to make that donation next year - then it will all be worth it.

Lily Robinson said...

How about going to the museum? Lots better than the mall. I'm like Rae... out of necessity. Our pensions are being downsized by the gov't starting Jan 1. I won't be splurging for awhile! Good luck with the BNNY year. Hmmm.... Bunny year?

Lesley said...

Rae: I'm already beginning to re-think a lot of "routine" expenses. Like you said, it's surprising how much I buy that's not really necessary.

Lily: Yes, I was thinking Bunny Year too! haha ... part of the reason for the experiment is just to see how much it really takes for us to live on. Unless something changes job-wise, we will be cutting back by necessity very soon.

Fran Hill said...

I don't know what it is about the list of companies you have cancelled emails from, but it sounds like the playlist on an album or a list of short stories or poem titles. I think you should keep your hands busy by turning each one into a chapter heading for a novel or something. I love lists.

~Ellie Kings~ said...

I think BNNY is perfect! But I think you cheated. :) Soooo you already bought a BR Player and a TV.... hmmm. Makes me wonder if you're really going to pull this thing off! But I'm rooting for you! You have, after all, made the first step towards recovery, admitting you have a problem!! :P Big hugs!
PS. new hobby~ take up painting. I don't know for some reason, I see you in front of a canvas. You sure have a lot of color to your personality. :)

Lesley said...

Fran: That's a great idea! I'm sure I will need something to take my mind off all those emails I'll be missing.

Ellie: Yes, I'm thinking it will just be my BUNNY year. haha. I know the TV and blu-ray were splurges, but .. but .. well ok, I have no excuse. On January 1st my little experiment will begin. No cheating after that, I promise.

MsBurb said...

You MAY want to unsubscribe to all those catalogues I'm sure you're receiving in the mail, you know, Land's End, Sears, Bulgari, whatever, as the pretty high gloss pictures send female-attract-only pheromones to your brain...

Just a thought...(tee hee)


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