Friday, January 1, 2010

BNNY Year Resolutions

(i love making new year's resolutions. especially for other people.)

Texas drivers really need to be nicer to me in 2010. Our politicians need to get along and get something done, for Pete's sake. And my hubby needs to resolve to be more patient when we play Scrabble, especially when I get both the blanks plus "s-t-i-n-g" and he has "a-a-o-u-i-c-v" which happens quite often but is clearly not my fault, even if I do gloat and brag and snicker about it.

In fairness, I suppose I should make some resolutions for myself. So what would I like to accomplish during this special Buy-Nothing-New Year?

1. I resolve to think, however briefly, about each purchase I make this year. Is there a way to buy this item used? Could I make do with what I already have? Can I simplify my life and reduce my carbon footprint? Will this drive me absolutely crazy by the end of January? Will anyone notice that I am crazier than before? Will I ever get to resolution # 2?

2. (Whew. Finally got here.) I resolve to think less about my blogging "audience" and more about what I really want to say.

3. I resolve to write a chapter of a book. Writing a whole entire book is way too overwhelming. But I think I could write one chapter.

And 4. I resolve to continue beating my hubby at Scrabble every chance I get. It's my little way of helping him become a better person. (you're welcome, hun!)

Happy New Year!



Fran Hill said...

So all you have to do to improve your husband is beat him at Scrabble? Why didn't you SAY before?

Lesley said...

Fran, I've been trying that technique without much luck for years now. If it actually starts working I'll let you know!

Lily Robinson said...

Happy New Year, Lesley! Hubby won't play Scrabble with me. Probably because I say things like, "This is ridiculous! I can't get more than 27 points for this word?"

Since I didn't make my own, I think I'll try to stick to yours...

TWolf said...

Love the resolutions! We play "speed" Scrabble over lunch at work. (90 sec time limit) If they'd only let me spell phonetically or I'd be golden!

The Retired One said...

Don't change your blog...make sure that is a resolution...because I love it just the way it is...your humor is wonderful!


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