Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My blogging days are over

(if my brain was a box ...)

I am super-dee-duper excited about writing TWO guest posts on two fabulous blogs!

First, my quirkly little bloggy friend Amanda (she's from San Francisco. enough said.) asked for volunteers to write about random topics, which she then strung together to make a story. You can read it here, but just keep in mind, (a) Amanda's blog is sometimes rated R though thank God she does not include pictures and (b) I do NOT ogle myself in a tiny mirror at dinner parties. The part about my hair is true, though.

Second, I wrote a little story about my BNNY Year for Reduce Footprints, a terrific blog with information, activities and links to help us all be a little kinder to the earth.

So, the media blitz is on!

I'm all over the Internet!

I have some new followers - welcome, welcome!

I even got a comment in Japanese yesterday! Clearly the world is watching.

Y'all are sitting there with your morning coffee, waiting for me to say something funny.

And suddenly my brain is completely empty. I'm tongue-tied. Or I guess that would be finger-tied. I'm afraid my blog is doomed.

Go ahead.

Move along.

There's nothing to see here.

Of course, I haven't told you about my new weight-loss discovery, have I?

And I do need to fill you in on how I toured Italy with a choir that couldn't sing.

And Fran did a really funny post the other day that I am planning on stealing when she turns her back so if any of you live in England could you give her a call and ask her out for coffee?

Check back with me in a couple of days. I'm pretty sure I'll have something to talk about.



Susan R. Mills said...

I'm glad you were kidding. I'll check back in a couple of days. :)

Amanda said...

Oh thanks for being a good sport!

Do you really have big hair?

The Retired One said...

I went to both sites to read....they were great.
Don't you DARE leave your blog..we would riot you in a minute.
That "many author" thing looked like great fun!

Fran Hill @ Being Miss said...

England people, it's a cappuccino with one sugar and one of those cute nutty Italian things to go with it. Look forward to it.

Rae said...

You scared me for a moment. I am glad to hear it is only a temporary absence. You are becoming a blogging celebrity. Congrats! Think I can have your autograph?

Lesley said...

Susan: I'm almost always kidding. tee hee

Amanda: No problem, it was fun! If I let my hair misbehave it is HUGE, even by Dallas standards.

Retired One: Thanks, you're sweet!

Fran: Let me know when you will be gone. I'll keep an eye on your blog for you. Can you bring me back a cute nutty Italian thing? Black hair, blue eyes?

Rae: Thanks! Come to Dallas any time and I'll be happy to give you an autograph!

Sinclair said...

I'm in for reading your journey. I am having a slow year myself, but I have never been a big spender. I may share some finer details on my blog in the coming days, who knows?

I have been in on Change The World Wednesday since it began, though I did take December and part of January off, and I found you from Reduce Footprints.

Laura said...

Hey! Glad you checked out my blog, hows your hair? So we should interview each other or guest post for each other. We are both doing interesting 1 year projects it might be fun! Great idea going without buying anything new! LOVE IT

Wemust also convince Amanda to host another family reunion!

Kathryn Magendie said...

Just stopping by from SF's place - ejoyed the post! :)


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