Tuesday, January 12, 2010

This isn't supposed to happen

Usually the weather in Dallas looks like this:

Which makes me smile, like this:

But lately, the temperature has done this:

Which made our pool get all icy on top, like this!

Which made me feel like this:

But which, I must admit, is still a heckuvalot better than this, which is the view from my office window when we lived in Michigan:

So I guess I can't complain. Too much.



Rae said...

You are right, things can always be worse. At least you know you won't stay in the deep freeze too long. We haven't hit a temp above 10 degrees for the past two weeks until today and now it is cloudy and gloomy. I think a Hawaiian vacation is looking real good right now.

Fran Hill said...

Your poor husband, having to pose like that with paper masks. Can't you leave the guy in peace for one moment? There he is, relaxing in the lounge in his pyjamas with a cup of cocoa and you haul him up, make him dress in a suit and pose for your blog. You cruel woman.

Amanda said...

Did you take a dip in the icy waters of Dallas? Brrrrr.
I admit I miss the snow. Truly miss it.

Did you really nominate me for an award? Thanks a bunch if you did! And if you didn't. Cruel, cruel joke...

Lesley said...

Rae: Hawaii sounds good to me too!!

Fran: He was a good sport about it. I promised him it would make him rich and famous. Don't burst his bubble, ok?

Amanda: I never miss the snow. Ever. But yes, I did nominate you for an award! And you don't have to nominate 5 other bloggers or tell us all your deep dark secrets. Of course, you do that anyway.

The Retired One said...

And I bet that was LOWER, DOWNSTATE Michigan.
I live in the Upper Peninsula (U.P.) which gets more snow than that!
It is weird...this year a lot of the really cold and snow went south of us and west of us...weird!

Lily Robinson said...

Looks like a heat wave to me! We're going to get a heat wave tomorrow. The high is supposed to get above freezing.

Lesley said...

Retired One: Yes, that was Lower Peninsula. I'd never survive in the UP, for sure!

Lily: Wow, enjoy the balmy weather. LOL


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