Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Choir That Couldn't Sing: Part 3

(hold on! don't crumble! i'm coming!)

I was very super excited about going to Italy with The CTCS. They promised to pay my way, as well as my husband's way! Wow!

Then they changed their minds. They would only pay my way. But they would give me single, private hotel rooms. Yay!

Then they changed their minds again. They had a roommate for me. I'll call her Lillian, since that was her real name and there is no chance on earth that she will ever read this. Lillian was approximately 100 years older than me. And a little quirky.

But hey, who cares! I was going to Italy! For free!

Hubby drove me to the airport one morning in June, a little concerned because I would be flying off for 10 days without him. Also without our 3 kids. Also without leaving individually wrapped meals in the freezer. Or detailed instructions. Or Prozac.

But hey, it was his turn! Tough luck! I was going to Italy!

The nice President of the choir and his nice wife assured Hubby that they would take good care of me. They would make sure I was on their bus, and at their table for dinners, and right by their side for the sight-seeing tours. They lied. They never came within 100 feet of me and Lillian during the entire trip.

But hey, I'm a big girl! It's ok! I was going to Italy!

... and then we boarded the plane ...


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The Retired One said...

Oh boy...I can't WAIT to hear the rest of the story!....


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