Friday, February 5, 2010

Short Choir Break to Buy Nothing New and Change the World

(would this make a cute card or what?)

Our eager but tone-deaf choir is now on the way to Italy (or are they?) - so I am taking a short break to provide my Friday updates.

The BNNY year is going well, aided considerably by the fact that it has been cold and rainy and I rarely leave the house anyway so nobody cares if my favorite jeans are becoming alarmingly threadbare in strategic areas.

My total savings for the year is already over $300. Wow.

This week's Change The World Wednesday Challenge was a little more challenging. (Visit Reduce Footprints to see what this fun weekly challenge is all about!)

The challenge sounded simple: Use an online card company to send somebody an e-card.

Sure, no problem! Piece of cake!

I scooted right over to, since Blue Mountain has been very encouraging about my attempts at writing paper greeting cards. But I couldn't register for their service because my computer was eating cookies. Or blocking cookies. Or something.

Then I tried, where I was lacking a plug-in so I couldn't hear the funny music playing while the nearly-nude old geezer danced with a "Happy Birthday" heart plastered on his butt. Without the music, it was just really disturbing. wants 10 bucks a year for the privilege of sending e-cards. wants 12. wants 20!

Holy moly, I didn't think this would be so difficult.

What I'd really love to find is an online e-card service where I could insert my own photos, like the adorable one above! But so far, no luck. I did try Reduce Footprint's recommendation, Care2 Cards, which is a terrific website with great pictures (though not quite as adorable as mine) and no annoying annual fees.

So - one more vote for Care2 Cards! Give them a try!

... and now, back to Italy ...



Fran Hill @ Being Miss said...

Forgetting everyone's birthdays is a lot less complicated.

Lesley said...

Haha! Very true, Fran. Very true.

TWolf said...

Stopped by to let you know I have an award waiting for you at Galloping Insanity. Just a small token of my appreciation.


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