Monday, March 28, 2011

Fashion After 50

(my fashion motto)

When I was young, I considered myself a pretty snappy dresser. The salespeople at Lord & Taylor knew me by name. I once got a phone call from our local J.Jill store, letting me know there was a sale coming up. My kids could give directions to any store in the mall by the time they were six.

Then I started working at home. Bye-bye snappy, hello sweats.

But now, I'm back in the work force - and over 50. What's a gal to wear? Tell me, J.C.Penney, what kind of clothes would you choose for the "Wear To Work" section of your website?

"This gorgeous dress has it all and when you put it on, we guarantee you won't be the only one swooning."

I don't think swooning is in my job description. And I don't particularly want any of my coworkers swooning, either. What else have you got?

"Steal the attention in any room when you step in wearing this dress."

Just don't stand in front of a stained-glass window, or you will completely disappear. Don't you have something a little plainer, JCP?

"Ruffles and lace combine to create a look that is as elegant as it is romantic."

Well, the color is better but we're back to that swooning mentality again. Sigh. Here are a few more lovely choices from, I swear to God, the "Wear To Work" section of

Have I mentioned that I heart sweatpants?



Monica said...

Call them "Yoga pants" instead. Then they're kewl.

Just One Opinion said...
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Just One Opinion said...

Loved your post, Lesley! Haha! Thank you...Fashion after fifty is a pretty interesting topic these days...I talk about it on my site quite a bit as well. And I love sweat pants too...more and more every day!


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