Monday, April 4, 2011

Technology after 50

(of course i know what a mouse is. everybody knows what a mouse is)

I do my best to keep up with technology. But it's moving way faster than me.

Here are a few things I just don't understand:

1. What the heck is an Android?

2. What is a cloud, and how can I send my files there? And why would I want to send them there, if I don't even know where it is? Plus, I don't have any files anyway, so do I still need a cloud? Cuz if I need one, I really want to get one.

And 3. What if I'm not as smart as my smart phone? Will it be smart enough for both of us? Like, will it explain itself to me, because I'm pretty sure I will have no idea how to use it, if I ever get one, which I probably won't because let's face it I really don't want a phone that is smarter than me.

I miss the good old days, when phones made phone calls and that was it. No email. No pictures. Just hello, let's chat a while.

I miss the cars of yesterday, with windows you had to crank down and super cool AM/FM radios and maybe a tape deck if you were really lucky.

But I do kinda like my Netflix streaming video, with my queue of old black and white movies starring Bette Davis and Clark Gable. See? I'm hip. In my own little way.



Bruce Coltin said...

The other day my Smart Phone prevented me for getting lost, which is what usually did before I had it. She talks to me in a really nice voice (sounds a little like Vivian Leigh in Gone with the Wind), which is more than I can say for my wife who talks to me in a kind of ugly voice when I take a wrong turn. I hope this information proves useful to you.

Bruce Coltin said...

Vivian would not have said "for" when she meant "from." Vivian is dependable.

Fran said...

Agree with you on phones. Talking was good.


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