Thursday, June 11, 2009

I am saved!

(well whaddya know! there ARE foods without sodium, after all)

(this close-up says it all: Sodium OMG)

I went back to my trusted family physician today. No, not the one at the clinic. I'm talking about the self-serve blood pressure machine at WalMart.

Dr. Self-Serve has a wonderful way of making me feel comfortable. He squeezes my arm. He instructs me to relax. And he doesn't charge me a penny.

Today, he gave me good news! My blood pressure was only 127 over 75! That is well within the normal ranges, according to the helpful chart on the machine, right next to the warning about not relying upon the accuracy of the machine or attempting to self-medicate for high blood pressure.

No worries! I am normal now. (... waiting for my husband to make a snide comment ...) But while I was at WalMart, I thought I might as well investigate some lower-sodium foods. Just in case.

I found quite a few!

They had low-sodium Triscuits, which are surprisingly good when topped with melted cheese.

Turns out Shredded Wheat is sodium-free! (I may be the only person who really considers this good news.)

I tried to find low-sodium salad dressing, but to no avail. So, being the creative and resourceful person that I am, I made my own! One part vinegar, two parts oil ... shake well, and mix in equal parts of Good Seasons. It's not sodium-free, and it looks awful, but it's a step in the right direction.

I have no idea who put these in my cart.



Fran Hill said...

Your last picture made me laugh so much, along with your little caption. I'm so pleased you have been saved and can carry on blogging. At least that's sodium-free. Unless you're eating Burritos while you blog, of course.

chicamom85 said...

I love the burritos, they must have just jumped in there lol. It is so hard to find low sodium food that tastes good. I do end up making a lot of things myself.


The Retired One said...

Be careful...some cheeses are high in salt too!


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