Saturday, June 13, 2009

Stormy weather

(watch out, little cow. i think i hear a siren.)

One of my favorite blogs is The Retirement Chronicles, a witty blog with absolutely beautiful photographs of northern Michigan. The pictures of spring flowers and birds are just amazing.

Not to be outdone, I have been taking pictures this week here in Dallas.

Before I share my pictures, I need to explain that we don't really have spring here. We go right from "It's-Kind-Of Chilly" to "Oh-My-God-It's-Hot." And forget the gentle spring showers. It's either bone-dry or knee-deep-in-water. Nothing in between.

Hey, this is Texas. We don't mess around.

Here is what the sky usually looks like:

But the other day, it started to look like this:

And then it got these dark, swirly clouds that looked like this:

I noticed that the swirls were moving counter-clockwise. That was right about the time that the sirens started going off. There are no basements to hide in, and I didn't really want to sit in my closet and miss all the excitement, so I took some pictures of the hail stirring up the water in our swimming pool:

(see the little plops? that is hail. at the time, it was quite dramatic.
i really think i need a better camera.)

Texas may not be the most scenic state. But we have Weather with a capital "W."
In just a matter of minutes, we can go from this:

To this:


Sorry, little cows. Next time, find a closet to hide in.



chicamom85 said...

Beautiful pictures, I love a stormy night as long as all cows were safe of course. Thanks for noting the blog, I live in Michigan so I am going to check out the other Michigan blog, cool.


A said...


Well, you have hail, horrible thunderstorms, tornadoes.

I have earthquakes, fog in July, and hippies.

I think we're even. Nice photos...

Rae said...

Nice photos. You must be weather tough to handle Texas -glad I'm in Illinois.

The Retired One said...

Thanks so much for the shout on my blog..what a nice surprise! You made my day! Chicamom already stopped by and left a nice comment and joined on as a Follower! How nice too! I owe you one.
Wow, that weather sounded scary...changing so fast. I lived in Topeka Kansas for a year and it was tornado alley. It was like that too. When a storm came, it came fast and hard and we always had tornado warnings. I got to see one at a distance too.
Thanks again for the recommendation of my blog, that was so sweet of you!

Lesley said...

Chicamom: I think the cows are fine! LOL You will love Retirement Chronicles. I highly recommend it!

A: I'll put up with a lot to avoid fog in July. Or hippies, for that matter.

Rae: I'm probably just ignorant enough not to realize when I'm in danger! Texas weather is crazy, that's for sure.

Retired One: Seriously, you are my blogging hero! You're always coming up with something new. Love it.


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