Friday, July 3, 2009

Sylvia's Diet and Exercise Tips

(yes girls, you too could be as beautiful as Sylvia)

I hope that by now, you have all had a little fun with your tape measure. If not, go back and review this helpful chart. Measure every spot on your body to within 1/8 of an inch. Then return here and let's have a little talk.


Remember, Sylvia of Hollywood knows all the secrets to a happy and beautiful life.

Here is the first paragraph of her 1935 chapter on diet and exercise:

"Many women have the strange idea that they do enough for their husband if they keep his house tidy, bear and bring up his children, cook his favorite dishes, and see that his toes are not sticking out of his socks. They expect to be loved for these domestic virtues alone. Well, what is so remarkable about them? Don't hand yourself that talk about being so sacrificing and about how grand you are. You are only as fine as you look."

Uh oh.

~ My house was tidy once. But it's been a while.
~ My children lived to adulthood. I guess I'm ok there.
~ I made my husband a grilled cheese the other day. Does that count?
~ Fortunately, we live in a hot climate so he rarely wears socks.

Now I'm supposed to look good, too? I need your help, Sylvia! Maybe I'll start with her morning exercises:

("you must begin your reducing routine by getting up at seven. don't throw up your hands in horror. it can be done. ")

("we all want to be beautiful and we can be if we will work toward that end. so out of bed at seven!")


Remember, you can find lots of other pearls of wisdom in Advice From the Attic, a delightful book by my delightful sister! Click here for details.



chicamom85 said...

That was fun, but I am not a out of bed by 7 kind of lady lol.


MzzLily said...

If it involves 7am, I don't have a chance!

Lesley said...

Now now girls, don't throw your hands up in horror. It can be done!!

Rae said...

Well Sylvia expects an awful lot. Nothing like being a little house slave. with all that we are supposed to do around the house to keep our man happy, there shouldn't be an ounce of body fat to work off.

Hootin' Anni said...

I had to stop and protest about taking out a tape measure. I only need to look in the mirror and throw my hands up in despair. That can be done better, if you want my opinion. [kidding]

Fran Hill said...

Never mind the domestic stuff. Do we have to wear those kinda trousers, too? She'll take off if the wind gets up.


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